This page is designed to highlight my collection of FBI patches and coins.  Every patch listed here is a part of my collection, which I have been amassing since I started collecting FBI insignia in 1999.  

I have divided my collection into geographical areas.  If your state is not listed, that means that there are no patches from that state in my collection.   
I currently have 4969 FBI patches in my collection and 535 FBI patches available for trade.
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Collecting insignia from the Federal Bureau of Investigation since 1999.
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This is not necessarily rare, as many states are handled by field offices in another state (i.e. all FBI-related investigations in Maine are handled by the Boston Field Office located in Massachusetts.)  The FBI has 56 field offices in the United States and its territories.  If a patch has multiple states listed on it, I have assigned it in most cases to the primary field office for that particular task force or operation.  Patches which represent nationwide initiatives or organizations have been placed into their own miscellaneous category.  Any patches that have been added within the last month will be listed in the highlighted area below.

I have scanned all patches into my computer in grayscale. This is done to make it more difficult for reproducers of FBI patches to use the pictures from my site to make their reproductions.  I also have an anti-reproduction page on this site that will assist collectors in collecting authentic federal emblems, and hopefully help to put these reproducers out of business.  I also have many patches in my collection which are not mentioned or pictured for various reasons.    
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FBI Afghanistan Operation Enduring Freedom ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Airport Liaison Agents (Woven, GMAN) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Albany, NY SABT ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Amarillo, TX (PVC/Velcro) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Athens, Greece Safe Streets Task Force (Velcro) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Baltimore, MD Safe Streets Task Force (Color and Subdued, Emblem Authority) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Baltimore, MD Seal with Rocker ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Chicago, IL Hazardous Evidence Response Team (PVC/Velcro) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Chicago, IL Second City Gang Task Force ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Cincinnati, OH Museum No Cities Listed (GMAN) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Cleveland, OH Violent Crimes Task Force (PVC/Velcro) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Columbia Space Shuttle Incident Response (Possible Fantasy) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Cryptanalysis & Racketeering Records Unit ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Detroit, MI Violent Crime Task Force (2023 Version) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI El Paso, TX Firearms Instructor (PVC/Velcro) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI El Paso, TX Fentanyl Overdose Response Team (PVC/Velcro) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Evidence Response Team (Hat Size, FBI on Bottom) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Experience ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Gilgo Beach, NY Task Force (Printed) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Houston, TX CR6 Task Force (Velcro) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Indianapolis, IN Bomb Technician Subdued (Velcro) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI JTTF Executives Conference 2018 (Woven, GMAN) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Kansas City, MO Violent Crime Fugitive Task Force (PVC/Velcro) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Las Vegas, NV Battle Born Horse ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Las Vegas, NV Criminal Apprehension Team Vegas Sign (Symbol Arts) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Las Vegas, NV Group 1 ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Las Vegas, NV Safe Streets Task Force ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Madison, WI Safe Streets Task Force ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Madrid, Spain Legal Attache (Two Color Versions, PVC/Velcro) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Maryland CARFTF Flag (PVC/Velcro) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Medical Operations & Readiness Unit ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Miami, FL Seal with Rocker ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Milwaukee, WI Joint Terrorism Task Force (PVC/Velcro) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Military Operations Support Team ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Nashville, TN JTTF Music City (Velcro) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI National Center for the Analysis of Violent Crime (Velcro) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Newark, NJ Jersey Shore Safe Streets Task Force ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Newark, NJ TOC West Task Force (Velcro) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Norfolk, VA SWAT Trident Swords Cloth (Two Variations, Velcro) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Norfolk, VA SWAT Trident Swords (PVC/Velcro, Two Variations) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI North Alabama Criminal Enterprise Task Force (Velcro) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI New York Crisis Negotiation Team Big Apple and Skyline ADDED 01-15-24
FBI New York TOC West (Velcro) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Operation Gold Rush (PVC/Velcro) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Operation Hallowed Ground (Ghost Patch) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Orlando, FL Pulse Nightclub Shooting Response ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Police Breast Cancer Awareness ADDED 01-15-24
FBI San Antonio, TX Safe Streets Task Force (PVC/Velcro) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI San Francisco, CA Joint Terrorism Task Force (Color and Subdued, PVC/Velcro) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI San Francisco, CA SWAT Bridge and Skyline ADDED 01-15-24
FBI St. Louis, MO Violent Crime Task Force (PVC/Velcro) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Tactical EMT (Velcro) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Tactical EMR (Velcro) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Tactical Paramedic (Velcro) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI WFO Bank Robbery Task Force (Subdued, Emblem Authority) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI WFO Hi-Tech Opioid Task Force (Symbol Arts) ADDED 01-15-24
FBI WFO JTTF Shamrock ADDED 01-15-24
FBI Williamsport, PA ADDED 01-15-24