As many of you know, I currently maintain, which features my FBI patch collection and features pictures of the patches in my collection.   It has recently come to my attention that several reproducers of FBI patches have been using the pictures from my site to make their reproductions.  Since I am adamantly opposed to knockoffs, I was forced to make a difficult decision.  I could either continue to post pictures of my patches and make the reproducer's jobs that much easier, or I could discontinue posting pictures.  I thought long and hard about it, and took the "terrorist mentality", that is, if I quit posting pictures of patches, then they win.

I am a very competitive individual, and the thought of this made me sick.  I therefore have decided that I will continue to post pictures of my collection, but will make some changes to make the "patch terrorist's" jobs a little harder.  As of April 1, 2002, all pictures on my site will be posted in grayscale, to make reproduction that much harder.  I also have agreed not to post pictures of patches when the designers or manufacturers specifically ask me not to.

As I have previously stated, I detest reproductions, because I feel as if they are ruining our hobby.  I do have some knockoffs and fantasy patches in my collection, but will ALWAYS list them as such.  I also decided that I will begin taking a much tougher stance on Repros.  I have decided that the best way to do this is by creating this site, which lists most of the fantasy and reproduction patches.  If you are unsure how to tell the difference between a real and fake patch listed on this site, please feel free to email me and I'll try to help you.  Unfortunately, I have neither the time or interest to include anything other than FBI patches on this site.  

The reproducers are ruining our hobby and making us change our everyday practices (i.e. my website), much like the terrorists have ruined our sense of security and made us change our everyday practices. If you are one of these "patch terrorists", you should be ashamed.

This site has been a collaborative effort between myself and many other collectors, including Ray Sherrard, Doug Runyon, Steve Petro, Randy Lowery, Wayne Alexander, Steve White, Darrell Haynes, Dan Meany, David Kolberson, Andrew and Nancy Nelson, and John Fellmann.  More recently, we have all been taking steps to rid the hobby of reproductions, from the small (Altered colors on images) to the big (asking patches to be removed from eBay due to copyright infringements).

If you have any further info on reproductions that you wish to share with me, please email me using the address [email protected].  My wish is for this site to be a collaborative effort between many collectors to rid the hobby of these cheap knockoffs
All of the patches listed below have been reproduced without permission and are floating around on the market and eBay.  Be careful and use this guide to try to help you pick up an authentic one.

The following patches are made by manufacturers who mark their patches and will have their sticker on the back of the patch.  Patches without these stickers are not authentic:

FBI Afghanistan Bomb Technician (GMAN)
FBI Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Color (GMAN)
FBI Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Subdued (GMAN)
FBI Anchorage Bear (VWE)
FBI Anchorage Eagle (VWE)
FBI Anchorage Moose (VWE)
FBI Anhhorage Otter (VWE)
FBI Anchorage Polar Bear (VWE)
FBI Anchorage Puffin (VWE)
FBI Anchorage Salmon (VWE)
FBI Anchorage Whale (VWE)
FBI Anchorage Wolf (VWE)
FBI Anchorage Ice Cap Orange Sky (GMAN)
FBI Anchorage Ice Cap Gray Sky (GMAN)
FBI Atlanta Color (GMAN)
FBI Atlanta Subdued (GMAN)
FBI Baltimore, MD Red Flag, Green Flag and White Flag (GMAN)
FBI Bern, Switzerland Legal Attache Three Color Variations (GMAN)
FBI Birmingham Evidence Response Team (VWE)
FBI Birmingham SWAT Eagle Color (Sherrard #1998) (VWE)
FBI Birmingham SWAT Eagle Camo (Sherrard #1998) (VWE)
FBI Birmingham SWAT Eagle Subdued (Sherrard #1997) (VWE)
FBI Boston Night Operations (Sherrard #1926) (GMAN)
FBI Chicago Evidence Response Team Color and Two Subdued Versions (GMAN)
FBI Cleveland Evidence Response Team Color and Subdued (GMAN)
FBI Crimes Against Children (VWE)
FBI Denver Rocky Mountain Joint Terrorist Task Force (Sherrard #1826) (Insignia Colorado)
FBI Detroit Blue Car (GMAN)
FBI Detroit Red Car (GMAN)
FBI Detroit Freedom Festival 2000 (GMAN)
FBI Detroit Special Operations Group C-9 (GMAN)
FBI El Paso Joint Terrorism Task Force (Kolberson, initials only)
FBI El Paso Medical Strike Team (Kolberson, initials only)
FBI El Paso SWAT (Sherrard #2128 / 2129) (Kolberson, initials only)
FBI El Paso SWAT Green (Kolberson, Initials only)
FBI El Paso SWAT "Surprise, Speed, and Violence of Action" (Kolberson, initials only)
FBI El Paso SWAT American Flag (Kolberson, initials only)
FBI El Paso JTTF - WMD (Kolberson, initials only)
FBI Financial Crimes Section Old Style (VWE)
FBI Hawaii 2nd Version (ISI Services)
FBI Hostage Rescue Team Black (VWE or Velcro)
FBI Hostage Rescue Team Green (VWE or Velcro)
FBI Hostage Rescue Team Maritime Unit (VWE or Velcro)
FBI Houston State-shaped (GMAN)
FBI Houston Evidence Response Team (GMAN)
FBI Houston HIDTA Large and Small (Sherrard #1373 / 1374) (Haynes Enterprises)
FBI Houston Special Surveillance Group Color and Subdued (GMAN)
FBI Indiana (Sherrard #1920) (GMAN)
FBI Indianapolis Joint Terrorism Task Force (VWE)
FBI Iraq Bomb Technician (GMAN)
FBI Iraqi-FBI Abduction Recovery Team (GMAN)
FBI Kosovo War Crimes Task Force (GMAN)
FBI Las Vegas Hoover Dam (GMAN)
FBI Little Rock SWAT (Round with Green Background)(GMAN)
FBI Miami Flamingo (VWE)
FBI NATO 50th Anniversary Crisis Response Team (VWE)
FBI New Orleans Gang Task Force (VWE)
FBI New York SSG Y2K Counterterrorism Detail Color and Subdued (GMAN)
FBI Newark International Airport Operation Terror Stop Color and Subdued (GMAN)
FBI Oklahoma City Murrah Building Memorial (Sherrard #1962) (USA Industries of Oklahoma)
FBI Omaha SWAT Eagle (GMAN)
FBI Operation Marquis (GMAN)
FBI Operation Pipeline Drug Task Force (DRunyon)
FBI Operation Safe Skies (VWE)
FBI Phoenix Joint Terrorism Task Force Red (GMAN)
FBI Phoenix Technical Operations Snake (GMAN)
FBI Pittsburgh Evidence Response Team (GMAN)
FBI Pittsburgh SWAT Color and Two Subdued Versions (GMAN)
FBI Portland SWAT Eagle (GMAN)
FBI Salt Lake City Violent Crimes Task Force (Distinctive Sticker, Maker's initials)
FBI Sacramento SWAT (Eagle with Green Background)(GMAN)
FBI Sacramento SWAT (Eagle with Grey Backgrond)(GMAN)
FBI San Diego Boat Red Border (Sherrard #1891) (GMAN)
FBI Santa Ana Bank Robbery Apprehension Team  (GMAN)
FBI Seattle Violent Crimes Task Force Color (GMAN)
FBI Seattle Violent Crimes Task Force Subdued (GMAN)
FBI Special Surveillance Group 25th Anniversary Color and Subdued (GMAN)
FBI Tactical Medical Response Team (Kolberson)
FBI Texas Crisis Negotiation Training Program (Kolberson, initials only)
FBI Texas SWAT DMAT-1 Seal (Kolberson, initials only)
FBI Texas SWAT DMAT-1 Medical Strike Team Rocker (Kolberson, initials only)
FBI Texas Specialized Medical Advanced Rescue Tactics (Kolberson, initials only)
FBI Washington IMF/World Bank "Who's Streets, Our Streets" (GMAN)
FBI Western Pennsylvania - West Virginia Joint Terrorism Task Force Large (GMAN)
FBI WMFO Joint Terrorism Task Force Color (GMAN)
FBI WMFO Joint Terrorism Task Force Subdued (GMAN)
FBI WMFO National Capital Response Squad Color and Subdued (GMAN)
FBI 9-11 United We Stand (GMAN)

The following is a list of patches which have been reproduced but are not made by a manufacturer who places identifying marks on them.  However, most of the repros have plastic backs, and these patches will have cloth backs if real:

FBI Academy "Safety and Survival Through Training" (Sherrard #1819)
FBI Atlanta State Shaped
FBI Atlanta Metro Armed Robbery Squad (Sherrard #1909)
FBI Bomb Technician (Sherrard #1762)
FBI Boston SWAT Color (Sherrard #2065 / 2066)
FBI Boston SWAT Camo (Sherrard #2063)
FBI Dallas (Also a real VWE Version)
FBI Detroit Alliance Fugitive Task Force (Sherrard #1854)
FBI Hazardous Devices Technician (Sherrard #1762)
FBI Honolulu SWAT Color (Also real velcro backed and GMAN versions)(Sherrard #2045)
FBI Houston Sniper Color and Green Subdued
FBI Houston SWAT (Sherrard #2134 / 2135 / 2136 / 2138 and others)
FBI Las Vegas SWAT (Sherrard #2087, also a real GMAN and velcro backed versions)
FBI Los Angeles (Sherrard #1889a)
FBI Memphis SWAT Top Gun 1998
FBI Memphis SWAT Top Gun 1999
FBI Miami SWAT DBS Black
FBI New Mexico SWAT
FBI New Orleans Violent Crime/Fugitive Task Force (Sherrard #1853)
FBI Operation Rock Crusher
FBI San Antonio SWAT (Sherrard #2139)
FBI San Diego SWAT Eagle (Also a real GMAN Version)
FBI San Francisco Bomb Squad (Sherrard #1892)
FBI San Juan SWAT (Sherrard #2120)
FBI San Juan SWAT Warriors of the Caribbean Color and Subdued
FBI Seattle Lady of Justice
FBI Seattle SWAT (Sherrard #2150)
FBI Sniper Ribbon (Camo)
FBI Springfield SWAT (Sherrard #2047)
FBI Tampa SWAT Shuttle (Sherrard # 2037 / 2038)
FBI Undercover and Sensitive Operations Unit Round
FBI WMFO (Sherrard #1898, also a real GMAN version)
FBI WMFO Bomb Technician (Sherrard #1900)

These patches have been reproduced and have a tell-tale way that is easy to spot if they are reproduced.  Please email me for details:

FBI Alaska Four-scene (Sherrard #1884)
FBI Alaska "A Little Less Talk and  A Lot More Action II" (Sherrard #1887)
FBI Albany SWAT Color and Subdued (Sherrard #2096)
FBI Anchorage SWAT (Sherrard #2001)
FBI Atlanta Olympic Joint Terrorism Task Force (Sherrard #1834)
FBI Canton, OH (Sherrard #1958)
FBI Chicago SWAT Black on Green (Sherrard #2053)
FBI Guam
FBI Hostage Rescue Team Tab Green (Velcro, repro has velcro too)
FBI Hostage Rescue Team Tab Black (Velcro, repro has velcro too)(Sherrard #1982)
FBI Houston SWAT RC-HO 1 Memorial
FBI Jackson SWAT
FBI-USMC Hostage Rescue Team School
FBI Operation Gang Buster Austin, TX 1995 (Sherrard #1874)
FBI Philadelphia Sniper Red, Black, and Blue (Sherrard #2116/2117/2118)
FBI Philadelphia SWAT Large and Small (Sherrard #2113/2114)
FBI Police Explosives K9
FBI San Francisco SWAT (Bridge)
FBI San Juan SWAT Rock Warrior
FBI Sniper Ribbon (Black)
FBI WFO Bravo Team Black
FBI World Trade Center 1993 Joint Terrorism Task Force (Sherrard #1840)

These patches have been reproduced, but either have very small differences or it is nearly impossible to tell the differences.  You can email for the small differences if there are any, but the best way to know what you are getting is real is to ask questions and know your source.

FBI Seal Urban Subdued (Sherrard #2070 / 2071)
FBI Academy "Rule of Law, Not of Men" (Sherrard #1686)
FBI Atlantic City (Sherrard #1942)
FBI Baltimore HIDTA (Sherrard #1411)
FBI Birmingham Delta Force Entry Team
FBI Birmingham Negotiator Green Subdued (Sherrard #1880)
FBI Birmingham Olympic Soccer 1996 (Sherrard #1881)
FBI Birmingham SWAT State Shaped Color (Sherrard #1993)
FBI Bomb Technician (Sherrard #1760)
FBI Boston, MA Paul Revere (Sherrard #1922)
FBI Cambridge (Sherrard #1957)
FBI Canton Large and Small (Sherrard #1958 and 1959)
FBI Chicago HIDTA (Sherrard #1371)
FBI Charlotte SWAT (Sherrard #2105)
FBI Chicago SWAT Gray on Black (Sherrard #2049)
FBI Chicago SWAT Black on Gray (Sherrard #2050)
FBI Chicago Top Thief Task Force (Sherrard #1915)
FBI Cleveland SWAT (Sherrard #2108)
FBI Dallas Evidence Response Team (Sherrard #1970)
FBI Denver Summit of Eight (Sherrard #3609)
FBI Detroit Violent Crime Task Force
FBI Detroit SWAT Color and Subdued (Sherrard #2074/2075)
FBI Firearms - Toolmarks Unit (Sherrard #1798)
FBI Firearms Training Facility Ft. Dix, NJ (Sherrard #1944)
FBI Gulf Coast HIDTA 1st Version
FBI Guam
FBI Hostage Negotiator Color (Sherrard #1768)
FBI Hostage Rescue Team Grey Twill (Sherrard #1975)
FBI Hostage Rescue Team Tan
FBI Jacksonville (Sherrard #1903)
FBI Kansas City SWAT
FBI Los Angeles SWAT Grey/Green/Brown (Sherrard #2014/2015/2016)
FBI Memphis SWAT Color (Sherrard #2124)
FBI Memphis SWAT Subdued
FBI Miami City Scene (Sherrard #1903a)
FBI National Academy 190th Session (Sherrard #1728)
FBI National Academy 205th Session
FBI New Haven SWAT (State Outline and Badge)
FBI New Jersey HIDTA (Sherrard #3474)
FBI New York Hazmat Team JTTF
FBI New York Joint Terrorist Task Force (Sherrard #1838)
FBI New York SSG (Sherrard #1746)
FBI New York SWAT Color and Subdued (Sherrard 2100 and 2101)
FBI Newark Joint Terrorist Task Force (Sherrard #1844)
FBI Newark Special Surveillance Group (Sherrard #1744)
FBI Newark SWAT (Sherrard #2090)
FBI Newark SWAT Semper Vigilans (Sherrard #2094)
FBI Newark Violent Crimes/Fugitive Task Force (Sherrard #1941)
FBI Norfolk SWAT (Sherrard #2145)
FBI Norfolk Olympic Village SWAT 1996 (Sherrard #2043)
FBI Northwest HIDTA (Sherrard #1362)
FBI Operation Bullpen
FBI Operation Gold Medal (5 versions)
FBI Operation Sail 2000
FBI Philadelphia Gold Bell (Sherrard #1964)
FBI Philadelphia SWAT (Sherrard #2114)
FBI Phoenix SWAT State Shaped Color (Sherrard #2007)
FBI Phoenix SWAT State Shaped Subdued Green (Sherrard #2008)
FBI Phoenix SWAT Round Subdued Black (Sherrard #2005)
FBI Phoenix SWAT Round Subdued Green (Sherrard #2006)
FBI Pittsburgh Joint Fugitive Task Force (Sherrard #1857)
FBI Pittsburgh Violent Traffickers Program Large
FBI Police Officer Hat Patch (Sherrard #1647)
FBI Police Firearms Instructor (Sherrard #1785)
FBI San Diego SWAT Eagle (Sherrard #2020)
FBI Sandy Hook JADIO (Sherrard #1598)
FBI Springfield (Sherrard #1919)
FBI SWAT EMT Green and Black Versions
FBI Tampa SWAT Buccanneer (Sherrard #2034 / 2035)
FBI Technology-Assisted Search Team (Sherrard #1821)
FBI WMFO Joint Fugitive Task Force (Sherrard #1877)
FBI WMFO Violent Crime and Gang Task Force (Sherrard #1872)

These patches are fantasy patches, meaning they were never actually approved or used by the FBI.

FBI Back Patch (Gold and Black)
FBI Back Patch (Green and Black)
FBI Back Patch (White and Black)
FBI Back Patch (Gray and Black)
FBI Albany Round 3 1/2"
FBI Anti-Piracy Task Force
FBI Appalachia HIDTA Green Reapers
FBI Atlanta Olympics Joint Terrorism Task Force (Yellow)
FBI Australia Legal Attache
FBI Bay Area Counter-Terrorism Task Force
FBI Boston Mooninite Scare 2007
FBI Bridgetown, Barbados Legal Attache
FBI Buenos Aires, Argentina Legal Attache
FBI Chicago Skyline
FBI Chicago Empowerment Zone HIDTA Color and Subdued
FBI Chicago SWAT (Black on Grey, 3", 2 versions)
FBI Chicago Sniper (2 versions)
FBI Copenhagen, Denmark Legal Attache
FBI Detroit Joint Terrorism Task Force (Ram)
FBI Drug Free America with Purple Border
FBI Expert Witness
FBI Fight Back Intelligently Master Mahaliel
FBI Hostage Rescue Team Shield w/Eagle on Top
FBI Hostage Rescue Team Sniper School
FBI Houston HIDTA 3rd Version (Eagle on Lightning Bolt)
FBI Idaho-Utah-Montana
FBI London Legal Attache
FBI Madrid, Spain Legal Attache
FBI Miami State Shaped Large and Small
FBI Miami Joint Terrorism Task Force (Diver and Stingray, Any version not individually #ed)
FBI Miami Joint Terrorism Task Force (Sharks Circling Boat, Any version not individually #ed)
FBI Miami Joint Terrorism Task Force (Terrorist & Grenades, Any version not individually #ed)
FBI Nairobi, Kenya Legal Attache
FBI Navy
FBI New England Homeland Security Task Force Color and Subdued
FBI New England SWAT
FBI New Haven SWAT Badge Patch (2 sizes)
FBI New York Metro Counter-Terrorism Task Force
FBI Newark CT-10 Squad 3 Versions
FBI Newark Joint Terrorism Task Force White Version
FBI Newark SWAT Black background/Blue border
FBI Newark SWAT "Semper Vigilans" Green Subdued, Fully Embroidered
FBI Northeast JTTF
FBI Omaha SWAT (Steer Skull)
FBI Operation Barber Shop
FBI Operation Big Dawg
FBI Operation Candy Box
FBI Operation Gangbuster Austin, TX 1996 Brown
FBI Operation Liberty Shield (Eagle)
FBI Operation Liberty Shield (Shield and Torch)
FBI Operation Tombstone
FBI Salt Lake City Anti Terrorist Task Force
FBI San Francisco Bomb Squad Subdued
FBI Santiago, Chile Legal Attache
FBI Special Operations Division
FBI SWAT Weapons Instructor Blue
FBI SWAT Weapons Instructor Green
FBI Tampa State Shaped
FBI Tour Seal
FBI Undercover and Sensitive Operations Unit (Round)
FBI Washington HIDTA
FBI Weapons of Mass Destruction Vest Patch
FBI Witness Protection Program "We Don't Talk About It"
FBI X-Files Seal
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