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KOG: stands for Kingdom of God, a religious group that was selling counterfeit Ray Ban sunglasses all over the Memphis, Tennessee area. Steve Petro, a prominent federal insignia collector, was the head of Bausch and Lomb Security at the time, and began the investigation into these activities.  In 1993, the US Customs Service, along with the IRS, Memphis PD, and FBI executed search warrants at the church and the residence of its leader, seizing hundreds of counterfeit items.  This eventually led to the subject being charged and convicted. 

The submarine refers to US Customs Agent Nemo Britain, who headed the task Force and was referred to as “Capt. Nemo” by the people working under him.  It is one of six different “Capt. Nemo” patches in existence. 

Source: Steve White, Steve Petro, and Sandy Adler