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Operation Joint Trust - Operation Slow is Fast were the code names for the operation that led to the standoff with Edward and Elaine Brown in New Hampshire in 2007.  Edward Lewis Brown (born 1942) and his wife, Elaine Alice Brown (born c. 1940) gained national news media attention as tax protesters in early 2007 for refusing to pay the U.S. federal income tax and subsequently refusing to surrender to federal government agents after having been convicted of tax crimes.  After the conviction and sentencing, a long, armed standoff with federal law enforcement authorities at their New Hampshire residence ended with their arrest on October 4, 2007.  In July 2009, while serving their sentences for the tax crimes, the Browns were found guilty by a federal district court jury of additional criminal charges arising from their conduct during the standoff. 

Source:  Wikipedia

Detroit Special Operations Group
Variations:  2
RHS:  1930 and 1931
Notes:  Color and subdued variations.