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On August 22, 2002, DEA agents, along with Indiana State and local law enforcement officers arrested 20 individuals in central and southern Indiana for trafficking in methamphetamine. Operation Exorcism 2 was the result of a 14-month Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force investigation (OCDETF) which targeted the Diablos Motorcycle Gang. This Priority Target was trafficking as much as 30 pounds of methamphetamine every two to three weeks. The combined efforts of the member agencies in the task force resulted in the seizure of 10 kilograms of methamphetamine, 644 grams of marijuana, and $123,321 in U.S. currency. In addition, 300 firearms, 14 vehicles, two boats, and two all-terrain vehicles were seized by the DEA. The patch shows the Diablos’ logo, a devil, and states “Down Forever - Forever Down”.  This was a stab at the Diablos’ motto “Diablos Forever - Forever Diablos”. 

Source:  Drug Enforcement Administration Congressional Testimony 02/06/04 and Doug Runyon