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Operation Cruise was a joint investigation between the FBI Bern, Switzerland Legal Attaché and the Liechtenstein Criminal Police (LCP).  It was an extortion case against one of their citizens by a "private investigator" and another subject. Both traveled to Switzerland and then to Liechtenstein to extort over $3M, using threats against the family of the victim who was a fiduciary and was managing money for the subject's client in the U.S.   FBI agents worked closely with the LCP in coordinating and developing evidence for the telephone calls and faxes sent from the U.S. to the victim, and suggested an undercover approach to arrest the subject(s).

It was named Operation Cruise because of the international wire use. Recently, there was a 40 year exposition of the LCP Criminal Police at a museum in Liechtenstein. The case history along with the patches made for it were on display as an example of how international police cooperation should work.

Source:  Special Agent David Maniquis (Ret.)