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Operation Close Trim was a seven-month investigation that targeted a drug distribution network that supplied cocaine to members of the Savage Nomad street gang and their associates. On February 25, 2004, a federal grand jury sitting in Hartford , Connecticut returned a 20-count indictment against 15 individuals.

The investigation, code named "Operation Close Trim", included federal wiretaps on eight different telephones, months of surveillance, and numerous purchases of cocaine in the vicinity of the Hour Glass Tavern in Hartford.  The investigation initially targeted members of the Savage Nomad street gang who distributed cocaine in the south end of Hartford. As a result of this investigation, law enforcement officials executed search warrants for three alleged stash houses and seized over four kilograms of cocaine, approximately ½ of a kilogram of crack cocaine, over $74,000 in cash, an electronic money counter, two loaded hand guns and a Romanian-made, AK-47 style assault rifle with two loaded banana clips. Also, to date, three cars have been seized during the operation. 

Source: U.S. Attorney’s Office Press Release 03/03/04