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These patches were designed by an FBI agent assigned to the Joint Terrorism Task Force in Miami.  He wanted to have the patches made so that he could have items to trade for other patches.  He wanted the patches to be individually numbered on the fronts in the stitching.  He took the patch designs to Vicki White Enterprises, where several sets of them were made up as prototypes for him.  These are the versions marked as “35/75“; “sam/ple“ or “000/100“.  There were 25 variations of the prototypes made by VWE.  After learning the high price of having the patches individually numbered on the front, he then attempted to get a better deal by taking his designs to a company in Canada, who also made prototypes.  These are the versions that have the “/75” on them.  This company then made significant quantities of overruns of all the designs and put them up for sale to collectors and on eBay.  They made 10 different designs.  Word got back to the supervisory special agent over the FBI Miami JTTF, who ordered that no official version of these patches ever be made. 

Source:  Steve White and SSA Rosa Schurek