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These patches are from the Counter Narcotics and Terrorism Operational Medical Support (CONTOMS) program out of Bethesda, Maryland. There have been thousands of tactical medics trained through this program since its inception.  After an initial pilot program in 1989, CONTOMS was started in 1990 to meet the need for specialized medical training to support law enforcement special operations. Once one graduated, they were able to purchase these patches for their uniforms. Instructors were from various elite teams. One or two of the instructors were FBI Hostage Rescue Team contract medics. Although the Hostage Rescue Team did not have a medical program at the time, they sponsored CONTOMS and used medical staff from there for their operations. There were also 20 other instructors from various federal agencies that served as instructors . 

For the past decade, Dr. Fabraii runs everything through his office as the FBI medical director. Members of the El Paso, Texas FBI Medical Strike team used these patches early on but eventually replaced them with their own unit patch.  Other FBI agents who had graduated from the school were also seen wearing them in the 1990s on their raid vests. 

Source:  David Kolberson (Former Trauma Nurse for the FBI El Paso Medical Strike Team)