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Featuring a hammerhead shark and a colorful blue and yellow background, this patch, like most of the Hostage Rescue Team patches, does not mention the team by name or by abbreviation.  The blue and yellow background is actually the nautical symbol for the letter “G”.  The Hostage Rescue Team is broken down into several squads, each with their own specialization i.e. Sniper Team, Mobile Assault, etc.  The Maritime Unit’s designation is the Golf Team, or “G” team.  The unit also wears vest tabs with their individual designations.  Team numbers are as follows:  G-1; G-2; G-3; G-4; G-5; G-6; G-7; G-16; G-70; G-77; and G-86. 

Source: Doug Runyon, SA Christopher Whitcomb and Steve White