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Opening in 1971, the Hazardous Devices School is located at the U.S. Army’s Redstone Arsenal just outside of Huntsville, Alabama.  It trains FBI Bomb Technicians as well as bomb technicians from local, state, and foreign police and fire departments.  All training and equipment are standardized so that a school-certified technician from New York could theoretically be called upon to assist with a bomb scene in California and be familiar with the equipment and procedures at that scene.  Once an agency has an HDS-Certified technician, they become eligible for federal grants to purchase equipment

On September 14, 2004, the FBI opened a new $23-million facility at Redstone, which is rivaled by only one other facility in the world.  Graduates of the HDS are issued various patches and insignia which they can officially wear on their uniforms as a symbol of accomplishment. 

The training curriculum of the HDS is established by the FBI’s Bomb Data Center and Explosives Unit.

Source:  Federal Bureau of Investigation