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An investigation into seven members of a group known as the United Freedom Front (UFF), the BOS-LUC JTTF centered its efforts on this group which eventually became known as “The Ohio 7“.  From 1982 through 1984, this group was alleged to have taken part or committed several bombings at various businesses or organizations which had ties to the South African Government.   Warning phone calls prevented anyone from being killed or injured by those associated with the Ohio 7.  The seven - Jaan Laaman, Barbara Curzi-Laaman, Richard Williams, Carol and Tom Manning, Pat Gros Levasseur and Ray Luc Levasseur - were the focus of the most intensive and wide-ranging JTTF campaign up until that time. This investigation assumed the nickname of BOSLUC, an acronym derived from combining the first three letters of Boston, the city in which the operation was headquartered, and Ray Luc Levasseur's middle name. This effort initiated in 1982 and eventually involved not only the FBI and New York police establishments, but the BATF and police representation from Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Ohio, Pennsylvania and New Jersey as well. 

The investigation finally concluded in 1985, with the arrest of all seven members of the group.  Each was convicted and sentenced to prison for periods between five and 53 years for each of their involvements in the bombings, however the convictions are clouded in conspiracy due to the use of a shady informant and a court ruling that a warrantless entry by an FBI SWAT Team was illegal during the course of the investigation.

Source:  Drew University (NJ)